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Myanmar Musings : Getting to Myanmar


By Air
International carriers flying in to Yangon, Myanmar are as follows:

• Air Mandalay (6T)
• Air China (CA)
• Austrian Airlines (OS)
• Bangkok Airways (PG)
• Biman Bangladesh (BG)
• Druk Airlines (KB)
• Indian Airlines (IC)
• Malaysian Airlines (MH)
• Mandarin Airlines (AE)
• Myanmar Airways International (8M)
• Qatar Airways (QR)
• Silk Air (MI)
• Thai Airways International (TG)
• Air Asia (FD)

Please note that upon arrival in Myanmar, reconfirmation of all onward flight reservations is necessary.
Aside from domestic destinations.

** Air Mandalay have been suspended flights to Chiang Mai in Thailand from Yangon and from Chiang Mai to Yangon and Mandalay. Please check our flight schedule for further details.

By Road
Myanmar can be reached by road via the Yunan-Myanmar border check point (i.e. Shwe Li to Muse in Myanmar) and also the Thai-Myanmar border crossing at Tachileik and Myawaddy, which is open to foreign visitors.


Domestic Travel


By Air
Air Mandalay flies to all major tourist detinations in Myanmar - between Yangon and Bagan (Nyaung U), Mandalay, Heho (Inle Lake), Tachileik, Kyaingtong, Thandwe (Ngapali Beach) and Sittway (Mrauk U). To get a better idea on our routes, please see our route map.


By Train
Many Myanmar Railway destinations are open to foreign tourists. The Yangon - Mandalay trip is the most popular. For ticket information, please consult the tourist counter at the station or contact one of our local agents.


By Bus
Buses are operated by the state-owned Road Transport Enterprise. Air–conditioned express buses link Yangon to Mandalay, Taunggyi, Myitkyina, Pyay, and more. For more information on currently available bus routes and schedules, please contact one of our local agents.

Myanmar Musings : Entry Formalities


Myanmar Visa The Government of the Union of Myanmar two types of visas foreign visitors:
1) EVT-Tourist Visa
2) Business Visa.
Myanmar visas can be obtained at any Myanmar embassy in your country or nearest you.

EVT VISA (Tourist Visa) – Single-entry visa for tourist travelers for a maximum of 28 days stay within the country (non-extendable). The cost of this visa is approximately US$ 30 per person.

BUSINESS VISA – Single or multiple-entry visa for travelers who are currently working under contract in Myanmar (extendable). This is NOT the type of visa for tourist travelers.

** For more information on Myanmar visas, please contact the nearest Myanmar Embassy or one of our overseas agents.

Besides personal effects, visitors are allowed 400 cigarettes (100 cigars or 250g of unrolled tobacco), two quarts of liquor and 500ml of cologne or perfume. Jewelry and electrical goods such as camera, radio, cassette/CD player, calculators, etc. must be declared at Customs on arrival and taken out on departure. Additionally, foreign currency in excess of US$ 2,000 must also be declared. We advise all visitors to retain a copy of the Customs declaration form to be presented when you leave Myanmar.


Airport Tax
Airport tax is US$ 10 per person to be paid on departure.


No vaccination is required for traveling to Myanmar.


Airport Transfers
Taxis from the Yangon International Airport to downtown will cost about US$ 10 – US$ 12 depending on the destination. Taxi travel within Yangon will cost about Ks 1,000-2,000 (Kyats) depending on distance traveled. Please bare in mind that taxis in Myanmar do not have charge meters, thus, one must negotiate before boarding a taxi.


The local currency in Myanmar is the Kyat (pronounced 'chaat') and is divided into Pyas 100. At present the following Kyat bank notes are in general use : Ks 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1,000. Although the local currency is used, the US Dollar is also widely accepted at the market rate. Foreign visitors are strongly advised to bring sufficient funds of US dollars in cash. Traveler’s checks and other foreign currencies are not advisable as they can be difficult and time-consuming to cash. At this stage, there is no easy to use credit cards within the country and fees are expensive, 5 to 8 % accept by some hotel only.

Myanmar Musings : Climate & Health


Myanmar has a tropical climate with three distinct seasons:
• Cool season from October to February which is dry and with temperatures ranging from 21 to 28?C.
• Hot (dry) season from March to May with average temperatures of between 30 and 40?C.
• Rainy (monsoon) season occurs from June to September with average temperatures of between 25 and 30?C and frequent short rainstorms and higher humidity.

Yangon normally receives early morning and afternoon showers while rainfall in Bagan and Mandalay is very low. The weather around Inlay Lake and Shan State is pleasant year round, but cold at night from December to February.


Health & Clothing
Even though no vaccinations are required for entry to Myanmar, please consult your family physician about immunization requirements such as malaria and hepatitis. You should drink only bottled water and exercise caution when eating from street vendors and small local restaurants.

Cotton clothing and a light wrap for the evenings during the cool season are recommended. Do not wear shorts, tank tops or sleeveless blouses, especially when visiting temples, pagodas and monasteries. Dress modestly at all times; revealing clothing is frowned upon in Myanmar. Footwear must be removed before entering a temple/pagoda.

Myanmar Musings : BUSINESS / SOCIAL TIPS


The following are some tips on business and social visits that may help you while in Myanmar:
• Appointments should be made in advance and punctuality is appreciated.
• Business cards are exchanged after introduction.
• For business meetings, men should wear a lightweight suit and tie, while the women should wear modest clothes.
• It is customary to shake hands on meeting and saying goodbye. When addressing people always use the appropriate prefix and family name.
• Many people in Myanmar do not have a first name and last name as in western countries, but instead have many names (three to four words). Generally, every name has a meaning; therefore, it is advisable to address the complete name especially if you have not been full acquainted with the person.
• It is useful, but not essential, to have some business cards in Myanmar script.
• Many executives in Myanmar speak English.
• Visitors should be receptive to local customs and conventions. When sitting cross-legged on sofas or cushions, soles of the feet must not be shown.
• Footwear is strictly prohibited in pagodas and monasteries.
• Tips in restaurants and hotels are not required but appreciated (around 5 – 10 percent of total bill). Tips for taxies are not necessary.
• On social occasions such as an invitation to a restaurant, be punctual and dress as for business meetings unless otherwise indicated.

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