The art to understand the history of Thailand

Until November 4th from 9: 30 to 18: 30, in honor of the 84th birthday of his Majesty the King, the Bangkok Art and Culture center (BACC) offers visitors to discover «Thai Trends from Localism to Internationalism». More than 300 local and international artists have contributed to this wonderful exhibition which presents a new approach of artistic and creative activities in the reign of King Rama IX.

Structured in an original way, it put aside the chronology and relies on the themes of research of Thai identity, inspired especially of Buddhism or the socio-political fight. A very nice way to learn about Thailand history.
Thai Trends from Localism to Internationalism: Bangkok Art and Cultural Center
3rd and 5th floors, 7th and 9th floors - Payathai Road - BTS National Stadium - Bangkok
Free entrance



Phimai Festival

A very colorful festival, famous for its traditional boat races, is held the second week of November, from November 9th to 11th 2012. For more than a century, these races attract every year at Phimai Historical Park thousands of visitors and participants from across the country. The program: regattas on the River, procession of Royal barges, Buddhist processions. A good opportunity to discover the Buddhist culture and history.


Vegetarian Festival in Phuket

This festival is the most colorful Festival and the most dramatic of Phuket Chinese minority. The ceremony, including ritual practices, is observed with great reverence. To purify the body and mind, the Chinese impose themselves a vegetarian diet, from November 15th to 23rd 2012. Every day various ceremonies take place in the Chinese temples as well as processions, Alpha

spectacular demonstrations of insensitivity to the suffering. In order to gain more merit, the Chinese walk on coals, pierce their cheeks and body with sabers, knives or sharp objects. The first festival took place in 1825 when, according to legend, members of a troupe of opera originating from China, on tour on the island, fell seriously ill.


World Film Festival in Bangkok

To the program from November 16th to 25th 2012: an international competition, a competition reserved for short and long Asian films, as well as a competition for documentaries and young directors. More than 150 films from around the world are presented. The festival offers also a panorama of Thai films and retrospectives. It become, year after year, as one of the major events of the cinematographic scene in Southeast Asia and the world.


A shuttle service between Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang

Starting October 1st, the regional traffic of three airlines (AirAsia, Nok and One Two Go) will be carried out from Don Mueang airport. Airports of Thailand (AOT), announced the establishment of a shuttle service between the two airports in Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi International and Don Mueang). The shuttle service will be offered to passengers with a connecting flight.




Elephants Festival (Round up Festival) in Surin

For 40 years, Surin region, East of Thailand, has, from November 17th to 18th 2012, demonstrations of training techniques for the work of the elephant, as well as simulations of ancient battles on the back of elephants.
After a small ceremony organized opposite the bus station, 200 to 250 elephants participate in this festival given at Srinarong stadium, in the streets of Surin and the surrounding area. They perform acrobatics, parades, exercise, and are even pageants, all under the gaze of thousands of spectators. The elephants stop at red lights in the middle of the Alpha

rickshaws and spray in the middle of traffic jams...
The elephant is since long the emblem animal of the country. Represented on the national flag, he’s also always featured in legends, literature, Thai art and architecture.


They perform acrobatics, parades, strength exercises, and even stand historical tables, all under the eyes of thousands of spectators.


Thailand International Balloon Festival in Chiang Mai

This balloon and hot air balloons festival is held from November 23rd to 25th 2012 with street party, with music and gastronomy, animations and illuminations, sounds and lights in North Rose of Thailand, Chiang Mai. Some of the hot air balloons will fly from the Sunrise of the day and will go along the Ping River, while others will remain attached so that visitors can discover them more closely. Saturday and Sunday, other massive flights of balloon will be made in the afternoon between 16: 00 and 17: 00. Festivities will continue until late evening with animations, sound, light, music of itinerant musical groups accompanying the parade of bright balloons and Fireworks. Visitors are encouraged to wear clothing or accessories to actively participate in the celebration. It’s an opportunity for a show of beauty not to be missed!



Ocean Marina Boat Show in Pattaya in November 2012

Located on the Jomtien Beach in Pattaya, the Ocean Marina Yacht Club is one of the most renowned world-class Asia's marinas and one of the largest sports grounds Marina in Thailand.
It will be held the Pattaya boat show, Ocean Marina Boat Show 2012, from November 23rd to 25th. This important trade event will bring together local professionals and international boating marina, water sports and fishing equipment, in a festive atmosphere, entertainment and shows.
The boat show of Pattaya offers not only the opportunity to admire beautiful luxury boats but also to once again enjoy the incomparable Thai hospitality.


Week of the River Kwai bridge in Kanchanaburi

Every year in Kanchanaburi, for one week (this year: from November 24th to December 5th 2012), held a commemoration of the famous bridge. Carnival, exhibitions, folk performances, train rides are in the program of the week.
The festivities of this big annual celebration end with a large reconstruction of the events of 1942 in a sound and light show. Several steam trains operate even for the occasion. This bridge, become historic, was built by the Japanese, who began the work of Allied prisoners.


The lagoon Triathlon in Phuket

More than 450 participants from 30 countries are competing for this endurance event that combines swimming, cycling and race walking. The starting point is given. November 25th 2012... at 6: 30 in the morning!
Not only it’s one of the most popular international sporting events of the island, but the course of this triathlon, with its breathtaking coastal scenery, ranks among the most beautiful triathlons. Over the editions it has become an international reference.


Monkeys festival at Lopburi

Each year, the last Sunday of November, population in the temples organizes a veritable banquet for monkeys, descendants of the God monkey Hanuman. Lopburi monkeys live release freely throughout the year, running on electrical wires, taking the Sun on the top of the stupas or crossing the road without worrying about fire!
The menu of this annual feast on November 25th 2012: refined dishes, coca-cola and other delicacies sweets prepared with care are provided to animals with thousand and one bowing, in a great festive atmosphere. An original ritual to see this banquet not like the others.
he festivities take place at Prang Khaek temple, Narai Ratchaniwet Palace, San Phra Kan, Phra Prang Sam Yot and Wat Phra Si Mahathat temple in the town of Lopburi, a city in the Centre of Thailand.


Yi Peng Festival in Chiang Mai

The traditional lantern festival of Yi Peng from November 27th to 29th 2012, which coincides with Loy Krathong (at the time of the full moon, November 28th in 2012), gives rise to sounds and lights shows, boat races, as well as various traditional games. Decorations trace the Buddha life through the Thai literature, history and art of the ancient Thailand. During the festival, the entire city of Chiang Mai - houses, streets, canals, River - is decorated with lights and lanterns. The paper lanterns rise into the sky as devotions to the gods. The festivities take place at Tha Phae gate, on the banks of the Ping River and at Municipal Office.


Loy Krathong, lanterns festival in Thailand

This traditional festival of lights is one of the most beautiful and the most popular of Thailand, celebrated across the country on the evening of the full moon
of the 12th lunar month, the November 28th 2012. These festivities celebrate the end of the rainy season and honor the spirits of the water, which play a significant role in the life of the country.
People make krathong, tiny boats of banana leaves, whose shape evokes the lotus flower and contain a lighted candle, incense and flowers. They deposit these small candles on rivers, as well as khong to exorcise their guilt’s. They also hunted the cares of everyday life by dropping in the sky lanterns called celestial. A beauty show in the night.
The celebrations are particularly Alpha

bighted in Bangkok (on the Chao Phraya River, on the side of Memorial Bridge), Chiang Mai (on the Pine River), Sukhothai (sound and light, dances festival) and Ayutthaya. The celebrations are also visible on the beaches in the South around Phuket and Koh Samui.


Silk and Phuk Seow Festival in Khon Kaen

From November 29th to December 10th 2012 takes place a traditional fair with exhibitions, processions, music, traditional dances and, of course, the election of Miss silk! This show is almost a ritual for the people of Khon Kaen, a major center of silk production. Khon Kaen is a province of Thailand in the northeast of the country. Its capital is the city of Khon Kaen.


The Thailand strengthens its position as the travel hub in ASEAN

The MV Ocean Dream luxury boat with 420 booths has recently made its inaugural cruise of 4 days/3 nights on the Thailand Gulf. Dropping mooring lines from the Thai port of Laem Chabang (Chonburi province), he first visited Koh Samui and then in Sihanoukville in Cambodia, before returning to Laem Chabang on August 6th. The Thai Eastime Limited Shipping company has partnered with Profit Summit Deluxe Cruise Limited, an operator of Chinese cruise, to provide this service twice a week, with departures from Laem Chabang on Mondays and Fridays at 18: 00. MV Ocean Dream offers passengers a full range of luxurious amenities on its nine bridges, including selected restaurants, clubs offering a wide variety of entertainment, a swimming pool, a casino, a cinema, a commercial gallery and access to Internet. 420 Boat cabins accommodate 1,060 passengers. The MV Ocean Dream offers travelers a great new opportunity to enjoy the quiet beauty of the Gulf of Thailand, with a different approach to Koh Samui and an original way to discover Cambodia.




Shan New year

The Shan new year, the name of a State in the northeast of the country, is celebrated every November 22nd in the monasteries by concerts, dance and theatre performances.
The capital of this region is Taunggyi


Hot Air Balloon Festival in Taunggyi

During the month of Tazaunmon, we can see a concourse and surprising forms balloon releases: elephants, chickens, ducks, dragons, representations of the Buddha... Bamboo frames covered with papier-mâché. During the day you can visit the monasteries. Gatherings begin late afternoon. Better to reserve accommodation long in advance because the festival attracts a large crowd from November 23rd to 28th 2012.


Tazaungdaing Festival

This Festival of lights is accompanied by zat, these theatre festivals narrating Burmese mythology and history, and mixing dances, music and songs from November 27th to 29th 2012. Troops stop in the illuminated villages to play. In the light of the full moon of the month of Tazaungmon (mid-November), monastic dresses weaving competitions are held on the square in front of the biggest pagodas. The Tazaungdaing festival is particularly celebrated at the Shwedagon Pagoda, one of the most beautiful in the world, located in Yangon (Rangoon), and at the Sagaing Kaung Hmu Daw pagoda.




Pagoda festival at Kyaik Hti Yo (at Golden Rock)

At full moon, November 28th 2012, the faithful lit thousands of candles and lay as many flowers in tribute to the Buddha. The Kyaik Hti Yo pagoda is one of the most sacred of Buddhism, it’s one of the most important places of pilgrimage: pilgrims flock from across the country, making the way on foot through the mountains, to see this pagoda which originated more from 2 400 years.
The site is very difficult to access. The pagoda, 190 km from Yangon (Rangoon), is located on a rock covered with gold leaf and that is maintained in equilibrium at the edge of a precipice, at more than 1 000 meters above sea level. Kyaik Hti Yo meaning the “golden rock”.

Thailand wishes to investigate the tomb of a King in Mandalay

The Thai government said it plans to send a fact-finding team to investigate a funereal site in Mandalay which is believed to be the ancient tomb of a Siamese king. The announcement comes following reports that the cemetery in Burma was to be destroyed to make way for an urban development project. The Thai authorities had received permission from the mayor of Mandalay to investigate the tomb. It’s an important matter for the Thai Kingdom which is in the process of forming a team which will include Thai historians and academics. Thai visitors frequently come to the site to pay their respects to the resting place of Siamese King Uthumphon, better known as King Dok Madua or “fig flower” in Siamese history. The tomb resembles a small pagoda, and is larger than the surrounding grave markers at Linzin Hill graveyard on the edge of Taungthaman Lake in Amarapura Township, Mandalay Division. According to Burmese history records, King Hsinbyushin (1736-76), the third king of Burma's Konbaung Dynasty, invaded the ancient Thai capital Ayutthaya in 1767 and brought many of its subjects, including Uthumphon, back to his capital Ava. The history say the Thai king was in monkhood when he was brought back as a prisoner of war, and when he died in captivity his body was buried at Linzin Hill. It’s believed that Uthumphon died during the reign of King Bodawpaya (1745-1819), the sixth king of the same dynasty.




Lao Handicraft Festival 2012

From November 01st to 07th, more than 370 producers reiterated their participation in ITECC. This Lao handicraft festival showcases traditional and contemporary handicraft of the Laos rich cultures. The artisans from across the country will sell a wide range of craft products including textiles, jeweler, non-wood forest products, recycled products and wood, pottery and cultural objects. Food products such as coffee, tea and spices that are made in Laos...

Now in its eleventh year, the Lao handicraft Festival is more than just an opportunity to purchase. Visitors attending the festival can enjoy fashion shows, demonstrations of crafts, workshops, product contests and seminars.


Bun Nam or Suang Heua on Khong island

This spectacular boat race takes place at the end of the Buddhist lent, from November 3rd to December 9th 2012, in the week following the national day (December 2nd). Several days before the event, the inhabitants of the region flock in a fair atmosphere, and move into the central square of Ban Khong, in the middle of a small amusement park with rides and high wheel... On the water, it’s only decorated canoes and synchronized crews. The terraces of the restaurants at North of the village are the best places to see the races.

Pha That Luang Festival in Vientiane

Wat That Luang, the most revered stupa in Laos and one of the most beautiful, a few kilometers north of Savannakhet, is the scene of a festival at the time of the full moon in November (28th  in 2012). In the early morning, monks from across the country gather in the galleries that surround the stupa and receive offerings of the faithful in the form of flower garlands. They marched in procession from Wat That Luang to Wat Si Muang, another great temple of Vientiane, carrying flowers garlands and food offerings from one temple to the other. These offerings return to the neediest. Also on program: football, boxing, tennis and percussion competitions. At nightfall, torchlight processions of monk still illuminate the streets.
In recent years, this celebration took a turn more and more secular, as an international fair, which Southeast Asian traders can make themselves known, added to this festival. Outside of the temple stand all sorts of attractions that are not religious.


End of the work of the Vientiane pillar Museum

A ceremony marking the end of the work of the Vientiane pillar Museum occurred on October 10th, in the presence of the former Information and culture Minister, responsible for monitoring of the construction of the city pillar Pavilion, and former Prime Minister, the Information, culture and tourism Deputy Minister, the Vientiane Deputy Mayor, the district Sisattanak Chief and representatives of Phettaphab, the company entrusted with the work. The city pillar Museum (Ho Lackmeuang) is located in the District of Phiavat in Sisattanak district, Vientiane. This sanctuary houses 473 buildings stones discovered between January 2007 and January 2010, when improvements of road No. 1 and the excavations. These stones have been dated from the 3rd and 4th centuries. The work begun in 2010 was completed earlier this month. The total cost of the work was estimated at 13.3 billion kips. The Museum was funded in part by the Government and several districts but also thanks to many donors: individuals, public or private enterprises.

Other rare pieces complement the inventory of the Museum and the opening and ceremonies, accompanying to bulk scheduled over three days, from November 15th to 17th.


Development of new tourist attractions in Xiengkhouang

The authorities of the province of Xiengkhouang decided to highlight a site of Keng mountain to diversify the offerings of tourist destinations in the region of which the best known is the plain of jars. The site is located 14 kilometers from the town of Xiengkhouang and consists of 43 stone jars. 'The ancient jars were there for centuries. These jars provide clues about the lives of the population several centuries ago, said the tourism service representative of Xiengkhouang. Many believe that they were made at the time of the first metal tools of sculpture. Visitors can not only see the jars, but may also see a tunnel made during the Indochina war, when soldiers were hiding in the Hill to avoid enemy bombing. Visitors will also enjoy the beautiful landscape of the site and views of Phonsavanh and Phoukoud districts. "When the site will be better equipped, it will have a road, electricity, an information centre, parking lots, toilets, restaurants, hotels etc... .

The provincial tourism Department also plans to improve the access road to the elephants cave (Tham Xang). A Phuan ethnic group village is also very visited because there are scales used to launch rockets during Boun Bangfai (rocket Festival) and this for 700 years. A replica of the rocket used at that time was made. It’s made of wood, and is the work of local people. It measures about 2 meters wide and 21 meters long. Some 180 people were needed to carry out at its place of exhibition on the Hill. The authorities expect that these developments on the plain of jars site generate new revenues for local populations, and to enable them to improve their living conditions. Tourism infrastructure has grown considerably in recent years and Xiengkhouang is now considered to be one of the most popular tourist destinations of Laos. More than 100,000 tourists visit the province of Xiengkhouang every year, injecting billions of kips in the local economy. In the meantime, the plain of jars is becoming the 3rd site of Laos registered in world heritage of humanity by UNESCO, and thanks to its archaeological, historical and natural value.




Waters Festival (Or Om Boc) in Sóc Trang

About thirty canoes gather on a River arm at Soc Trang (at the southern tip of Vietnam) for a competition for 2 days, from November 26th to 27th 2012. Each pagoda brings his canoe. Pagoda Chua Dỏi, very long, marked with a bat at the bow, is carried by about 100 young people. There are 50 rowers in each boat (never monks, but the faithful).

Ha Thach festival

The 10th day of the 10th lunar month, the 3 villages of Thuong, Ha, Trung did palanquins processions to the common Ca home to celebrate a grand ceremony of worship to the deities, perform the dance of the dragon, to organize the ceremony of the activation of the soil, and a canoe race. These three cities are located in Phu Tho province, located in the Northwest of Vietnam; bordered to the Northeast by Tuyen Quang province, to the East by Vinh Phuc province, on the Southeast by Ha Tay province (Hanoi today), to the South by Hoa Binh province, to the West by Son La province and to the West and North-West by Yen Bai province. The capital of Phu Tho province is Viet Tri City, 80 km north-west of Hanoi.


Since 500 years, villagers bury the whales like humans

There is no other place in Vietnam which has a so large cemetery of whales! Traditionally, when a whale is found by the inhabitants dead beached on the shore, she is buried following a ritual ceremony worthy of a God. The whales cemetery is located in the fishing village of Thuân An, coastal town of Tam Hai, Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province (Centre). This cemetery was laid out on a vast field of white sand in the heart of a forest of poplars stale near the beach.

The cemetery houses exactly 529 aligned tombs, each featuring a stylized stone stele. No one knows with precision the date when the first whale was buried to there or when the first tomb was built. The elderly of the village of Thuân An say that this cemetery is about 500 years old. The Dean of the village, Nguyên Thê, 87 years old, says that in the early 19th century, King Gia Long (who reigned from 1802 to 1820) sacred a Alpha

beached whale in Tam Hai. Her tomb is located in the heart of the site. This cemetery of whales has been recognized as historical and cultural heritage of Quang Nam province.
Whales are among the largest animals on Earth, and are found in all the oceans of the globe at the discretion of their migration. Unlike that in many coastal areas in Vietnam, they are considered as the incarnation of the genius of the sea. According to the popular conception of fishermen, the whale is a sacred marine creature and when she appears, it’s often to help and save people from sea peril.

The old fisherman Truong Van Dông, strong more 60 years of experience in the offshore fishery, said that ten years ago, his boat was caught in a typhoon at sea. Miraculously, a whale appeared and brought him back with his crew on the Mainland. 'Whenever fishermen of my village are facing a storm at sea, they pray for whales help get out of this bad not.' 'And the genius of the sea gives us force when you hand off the coast, knowing that he’s watching over us', he said.

It’s possible to express some reservations about the veracity of these stories on the whales which save the lives of fishermen. But no matter, because these stories are transmitted from generation to generation in this region that lives entirely of fishing.

In the spirit of the older fishermen, whale is, whatever happens, a legendary animal. That’s why whenever one of these creatures is found dead stranded on the beach of Tam Hai, the villagers organize a funeral with ritual invocations. The corpse is moistened with alcohol and then placed in a coffin made of bamboo prior to be buried in the whale’s cemetery.


Discover this guesthouse in Vietnam inspired fairy tales

Découvrez cette maison d'hôtes au Vietnam inspirée des contes de fées

A Vietnamese architect built a house inspired by Walt Disney, Gaudi and Dali and turned it into a Bed and Breakfast. You might admire.

Vietnam is not only a beautiful country; it’s also a country that has a lot of imagination. Thus, an owner with an artistic spirit inspired by, for the architecture of his guest house, Disneyland fairy-tales, but also artists such as Gaudi and Dali

The five-storey house was built in 1990 on a plot of almost 2000 meters square by local artisans. With few right angles, it looks like a Banyan fig tree with windows from different sizes and shapes. The Vietnamese architect who designed the building, named Dang Nga, said he was inspired by the natural environment surrounding the Da Lat city (where is situated the House), but also by the work of the Catalan artist who built the Sagrada Familia. An original and unusual idea that allows visitors to live like in a fairy tale. Ten rooms at this small hotel have each a different theme. They are all furnished with original furniture made hand, stairs and hallways built to resemble caves. Each piece is represented by an animal having a symbolic value for a country, a culture or a religion. There are for example the "Tiger" room, which has a large cat with glowing red eyes, the 'kangaroo' House, which exhibits a giant macropodide shaped fireplace with hearth at the level of its ventral pouch and the "Eagle" room where the fireplace is in the form of a giant Raptor egg.



Vietnam Airlines adopts the TGV Air program

Vietnam Airlines adopte le programme TGVAir

Vietnam Airlines offers in collaboration with the SNCF the TGV Air program allowing it to sell its destinations departing more from 19 provincial cities. This agreement allows travelers starting from their province to enjoy excellent connections with 13 weekly flights departing from Paris-CDG to many destinations in Asia and Australia. This single ticket includes international flight preceded of a TGV journey under the Vietnam Airlines flight number, departing from a TGV station at Charles de Gaulle. Once the reservation is made, the traveler has to go to its departure station TGV AIR desk to issue his single train + plane ticket. Arriving at the CDG Airport TGV station, he just goes to the check-in counter of Vietnam Airlines located in Terminal 2E. The possible cities are: Aix en Provence TGV, Angers Saint-Laud, Avignon TGV, Bordeaux St Jean, Champagne TGV, Le Mans, Lille Europe, Lorraine TGV, Lyon Part Dieu, Marseilles Saint Charles, Montpellier, Nantes, Nîmes, Poitiers, Rennes, St Pierre des Corps, Strasbourg, Toulon and Valencia TGV.


Vietnamese culture in pictures to Ninh Thuân

A photo exhibition about the cultural diversity of the Vietnamese ethnic groups opened on October 14th at the cultural center of Ninh Thuân province (Centre). This event is organized by the Vietnam Exhibition Centre of culture and fine arts and the culture, sports and tourism Department of Ninh Thuân. With 130 shots on hats, heritage, traditions and customs of the 54 ethnic groups of Vietnam, such as Cham, a minority ethnic that lives in this province, this exhibition offers an interesting view about the cultural diversity of the country. The Museum of Ninh Thuân province has also a gallery on the culture of Vietnamese ethnicities, which deserves to be visited.

As part of the framework of the days of Culture, Sports and tourism of Cham - Ninh Thuân 2012, the exhibition shows photos on this ethnic group and more than 500 objects and documents on the major regions of Vietnam and their ethno-cultural Alpha

particularities, from the North plain to the Mekong delta, passing through the coastal downtown Strip, the Central Highlands...


In Hanoi, a forgotten bunker awakens memories of the war

A Hanoï, un bunker oublié réveille les souvenirs de la guerre


Hollywood stars took refuge there as well as diplomats and peace activists. In a hotel of Hanoi, a bunker of Vietnam War has just reopened, Alpha

heritage among others of a period stored in the urban landscape. Sealed and forgotten at the end of the conflict in 1975, the small network of underground shelters has been discovered during work in the hotel, splendid colonial building become a point of passing for tourists and Vietnamese gentility. According to Kai Speth, Manager of the Hanoi Metropole, rumors circulated in the establishment that the bunker of 20 square meters was hiding under the pool.

"When we restored the foundations of the pool, I told the team: 'dig a little further'", he recalls. Up to discover a flooded room. "You can imagine..." "I felt like Indiana Jones discovering the damned temple". The bunker was built in 1968 under the hotel Thong Nhat, used by the Government to accommodate foreign delegations. American actress Jane Fonda and the singer and activist Joan Baez have stayed there. The icon of the "protest song" has even recorded a song during the bombing of December 1972, when the Americans have lined the town of some 20,000 tones of explosives in twelve days, making around 1,600 dead.

The 21-minute song recorded by Joan Baez, "Where Are You Now My Son",  in capturing  sound: "you can hear the sound of bombs falling." "We can hear the anti-aircraft batteries installed on the opera, next to the hotel," reports Kai Speth.

There were thousands of bunkers of this type in the city at war. Most were destroyed, swallowed by the economic growth. Some have been retained, such as, behind the Thang Long Citadel, where Ho Chi Minh president sheltered.

It’s here that Do Thi Yen chose to put his "deep hatred noodles Stand", which takes the name of the memorial. "Sometimes, we should be grateful to the dead." They brought me clients. "All my clients know what happened here."

The process is even more meaningful for the "No. 37 State Restaurant". For 25 dollars, servers in old uniforms serve the menu available in the early 1970s, at the time of rationing. "A good place so that older people remember the dark years and young people understands this historic period, although the dishes are not very good", noted the Vietnamese information agency (AVI) in a culinary column.

The issue is real in this country where 60% of the population is under 35 years old, so this population has only known peace. For foreigner, Vietnam war takes them sometimes aspects of a pilgrimage.





The former King of Cambodia, Norodom Sihanouk, has died

Norodom Sihanouk, former sovereign of Cambodia who had abdicated in 2004 in favor of his son, died of a heart attack, Monday October 15th, at the age of 89 years old in a Beijing hospital. He was one of the great Asian political figures of the 20th century.

The former King of Cambodia Norodom Sihanouk has marked the history of the second part of the 20th century and was revered in his country in having maintained unity through the decades of war.

"The royal Government of Cambodia will turn his body of the People's Republic of China to Phnom Penh," said a press release of the Cambodian Government.

The former sovereign lived most of his time in the Chinese capital in recent years to follow medical treatment against cancer, diabetes and hypertension. One whose reign was one of the longest in Asia had abdicated in October 2004 in favor of his son, Sihamoni, invoking his age and health reasons.

"King Sihanouk did not belong to his family, he belonged to the Cambodian people and the story," added prince.

Last January, he had indicated that he wanted to be cremated and have his ashes in an urn at the royal palace in Phnom Penh.

Coincidence of history, his death occurred on the last day of the annual festivities of Pchum Ben, during which the Cambodians find themselves in family and honor ancestors.

Cambodia is a very young country, and "the number of people who effectively lived while Sihanouk was in power is very, very low".

Despite a tumultuous career and after major caps changes from the monarch, "I'm sure that it will be officially considered as being a great leader" and that "the most difficult moments of its balance sheet" will be left in silence.

The country shouldn’t know political instability. It’s now held by Hun Sen Prime Minister, in power since 1985 and accused by his critics of having completely muzzled the opposition. The monarchy, without great power, has provided no contest and will survive to Sihanouk.


Independence day in Cambodia

As part of the Independence Day from France (acquired November 9th 1953), shops suspend national flag before their windows, for example improvising a mast with a hanger. November 9th is a day of national celebration in Cambodia.


Water festival (Bon Om Touk) in Cambodia

November 28th 2012, Cambodians cheer the direction changing of the Tonle Sap stream, the moment where the lake flows into the River: an event unique in the world.
On this occasion, don’t miss regattas of multicolored canoes, opposite the royal palace in Phnom Penh, followed by dances and fireworks. Canoe races are sometimes held in the Angkor Wat moat. A part of the royal palace is closed to the public and access to the city by car is problematic.
Two legends compete for the origin of the water festival. The first dates back to the time of Angkor and fighting between the King of Champa which had invaded Cambodia and the khmer King. The battles were in a dugout canoe on the River. In memory of the victory of the khmer King, canoe races held annually on the River.
The second legend that this festival serves to thank the geniuses of the waters that provide water for agriculture. In any event, it’s a very popular festival in Cambodia, not to be missed!



The 2012 Agenda: Here is a sample of the holidays don't miss through Southeast Asia



OK Phansa and Thot Kathin: October
Regattas: October to Thot Kathin, Nan, Phichit, Surat Thani, Nakhon Phanom, Pathumthani. Law. Loy Krathong : full moon in November
Elephant Festival in : Surin third weekend of November
Week of the bridge on the River Kwai: Late November - early December
Anniversary of his Majesty the King: December 5th
Makha Puja: Full moon in February
Songkran (New year Thai): April
Royal ploughing ceremony: may 9th in Bangkok
Party rocket: Mid-May to Yasothon (northeast)
Visakha Puja: Full moon of may
Anniversary of her Majesty the Queen: August 12th

Tournament of Polo on elephant "King's cup "2012 " September, on adjacent of Anantara Hua Hin Resort and Spa


Birthday of King Norodom Sihanouk: October 31st 2012

Independence: November 9th 2012

Festival of Tet (new year Vietnamese or Chinese): February

New year khmer (Bon Chaul Chhnam): April

Day of the genocide: May 9th

Anniversary of King Sihamoni: May 14th

Buddha's birthday: May 17th



Fang Mae Khong Festival in Vientiane, Luang Prabang and Thakhek: from October 1 to 31st 2012

National holiday (Vanh Saad): December 2nd 2012

Festival of Tet (new year Vietnamese or Chinese): February

Wat Phou in Champassak: February

Lao Elephant Festival in Paklay District (province of Sayaboury): February

Magha Puja (Makha Bouça) in Luang Prabang: February

PII may or Pimai (Buddhist new year): April



Celebration of the Phaung Daw U to Lake Inle: September 28th - October 15th 2012

Pagoda in Mandalay Kyaukdawgyi: October 11th - 12th  2012

Thidingyut Festival (Festival of lights): from October 11th to 13th 2012

The Dance Festival of elephants to Kyaukse (Mandalay): October 11th – 12th 2012

Hot Air Balloon Festival in Taunggyi: from November 4th to 10th 2012

Tazaungdaing Festival: from November 9th to 10th 2012

Feast of the pagoda at Kyaik Hti Yo (to the Golden Rock): on November 10th 2012

Pyatha (independence day): January 4th 2013

The Mandalay Mahamuni Pagoda Festival: February 2013

Tabodwe (feast of the shan State) and Union day: February 2013

Festival of Paya Baw - gyo to Thipaw pwe: March 2013

Kakku (Kekku) around Taunggyi pagoda: March 2013

Grinding Thanakha Festival in Rakhine State: April 2013

Thingyan (water Festival) Festival: April 2013

Kason: April 2013

NAT Pwe Festival at Taungbyon and Amarāpura (Mandalay): August 2013


Viet Nam

The double nine to Cuu Trung Festival: October 5th 2012

Da Sy around Hanoi day: February

Feast of Hội in Lim (Bac Ninh province): February

Feast of the Trang Nguyen (first winner): February

Quam year in Da Nang: February

Chua Huong (perfume Pagoda Festival) at Huong Son: March

Fishermen to Hoi An Festival: March

(Province of Ha Tay) Thay Pagoda Festival: April

Feast of the village of Van Vi (province of Ha Tay): April

Truong Yen Festival (Ninh Binh province): April

Celebration of the launch of Ba Giang kites (province of Ha Tay): April

Anniversary of the storming of Saigon: April

Feast of Bach Dang (Quang Ninh province): May 11th

Buddha's birthday: May 17th

Ba Chua Xu to Chau Doc Festival: from may 25th to 29th

Quang Lan Party (Bac Ninh province): July 18th

National holiday: September 2nd

Do Son Buffalo fighting Festival: September 6th

Mid-Autumn Festival (children's day): September 12th

Feast of the temple at Nam Dinh Tran: from September 12th to 17th


All these dates are subject to change